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HOW TO USE YOUR - GEL.RELAX…                    


Headaches…Massagea small amount of Pain Gel onto your forehead            

 and a very small dab under each nostril

Sinusitis...Just a dab of Pain Gel under each nostril 2 to 3 times per day

Tooth-ache or ear-ache…massage a little Pain Gel behind each ear up

and down the jugular vein 2 to 3 times per day

Asthma Attacks or Bronchitis….Use as Vicks Vapour rub on the chest,                

and under the nose and up and down the jugular veins on the neck area.                      

Trapped Nerves …Use a circular massage for 2 to 3 minutes where-ever 

The pain is worst             

Back Pain….Again, as above circular massage on the most painful areas.              

Especially at bed time to benefit the body relaxing.                                            

Sciatica.....Applythe Gel to the Sciatic nerve area, usually on each hip,                      

massage gently round and round especially as you are going to bed.                  .                            ,                       

For any Pains in the Arms and Legs… Such as Cramp, over active legs

aching feet, ankles or legs, Massage the Gel into each leg or arm with                      

strong upward movements always towards the Heart, this stimulates the                      

circulation and improves the whole well-being of the body as you                            

take the pain away.                                                                                          

Sleeplessness… A little dot of Pain Gel under each nostril helps to relax      

the body and improves the sleep pattern

Gout… As in Arms and Legs

Arthritis…This takes time. Always better caught early but with patience                    

 enormous difference can be achieved. Take liquid cod liver-oil,                        

avoid citric acids i.e. Oranges lemons and grapefruit                                                    

Massage the most painfuljoints every night at bedtime and sleep with the                     

Gel soaking into the body.During wet cold, damp weather use during the                

day as well. Ask me forfurther advice concerning arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis

or any other problem which may worry you

Often there is a simpler answer than you would ever have imagined      

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